Top 10 things to do in Asturias

Asturias is a Natural Paradise, located in northern Spain, the Green Spain, and is also my beloved region. As a local, I’d like to recommend you some of the best places to visit. Although this is not an easy task, because the whole region is beautiful and there’s a huge variety of things to do. We have mountains, lakes, beaches, picturesque villages, a great gastronomy and many cultural activities… no matter what interest you; you’ll find it in Asturias!

Asturias - Natural Park
Picos de Europa National Park


Top things to do:

Oviedo city – A good way to start your trip would be visiting the capital, the charming city of Oviedo. The city centre is easy to explore walking, the main street is the “Calle Uria” and it’s the commercial centre. Don’t miss out the incredible architecture; there are many historic buildings from different styles, from neoclassic to art deco or rationalism.

Oviedo - travel
Oviedo’s old town

The old town is also worth a visit, with cobbled streets full of lively bars and restaurants. The fine arts museum is free and located at the old part, near the Cathedral. More information at Oviedo Tourism

Monte Naranco – The best place to contemplate Oviedo from above it’s up into the Naranco Mountain. There’s a viewpoint at the top, where there’s a big Christ’s Sculpture, “El Sagrado Corazon de Jesus”. On the way to the top, you’ll find two pre-Romanesque treasures: Santa Maria del Naranco and San Miguel de Lillo.

Gijón – It’s the main coastal city with a nice beach promenade at “Playa de San Lorenzo” and another one, Poniente beach, where you can also find the Aquarium.

Gijon beach
San Lorenzo beach – Gijón

The beautiful marina is next to the old town, called “Cimadevilla” which is the old sailors village and it’s now full of restaurants and bars. If you prefer the culture, there are many museums to visit and even a Roman Bath.

Villaviciosa – It’s a typical and popular Asturian village, near the wonderful Rodiles sandy beach, ideal place for a walk or sunbathing. Tazones is a picturesque fisherman’s village that worth the detour, especially at lunch time, to eat at one of the restaurants some delicious food and really fresh fish and seafood.

Tazones - Asturias
Tazones – fisherman’s village

Hiking is one of the main activities in Asturias, great way to enjoy the stunning nature and landscapes, not in vain it’s called “Natural Paradise”. There’re options for all the levels, from beginners to advanced. I’d recommend the Xanas trail, in Santo Adriano, near Oviedo, because is easy to access and not too long, only 7,5 km, and also the views are spectacular. The most famous one is El Cares trail, in Picos the Europa National Park, although this one is longer, 21 km, therefore you need to be in better shape.


hiking - Asturias
El Cares trail


Basilica de Covadonga – This impressive Neo-romanesque sanctuary is located near Cangas de Onis and it’s made of pink limestone. Nearby you’ll find the breath taking and unmissable “Covadonga Lakes”.

Llanes – Located in the eastern coast of Asturias, it’s a famous and charming holiday place. There are many beautiful beaches to discover around this town: Toró Beach, Poo, Ballota….

Luanco – It’s another lovely coastal village to tour. It’s a beautiful fisherman’s village, with a recently renovated marina and two beaches. The maritime museum is also located here. Gastronomy is great, and there are many food festivals around the year. Continue the visit going to the nearby Peñas Cape, which has spectacular views of the sea, a nice lighthouse and a hiking trail.

Luanco - Asturias
Luanco beach


Pola de Somiedo – It’s a nice mountain village, located in the centre of the Cantabrian Mountains. At the visitors centre you can ask for more information about what to do there. This area is a green paradise ideal for hiking and it’s even more impressive when the autumn colours paint the valley. There’s also a eco-museum in Caunedo, where you can learn about history and local traditions.

Tapas y sidras – Gastronomy is excellent in Asturias, the variety of food is incredible; from great meet to fish or seafood. Land of sea and mountains and a total foodie’s paradise. The local cheeses are delicious too, more than 40 different cheeses are made in Asturias. Try one of the famous “sidrerias”, typical restaurant that offers the famous tapas to share and Sidra, the local cider.


Have you been in Asturias? What are your top recommended things to do? I’d love to hear it!

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