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The best 8 hiking trails in Asturias

Landscapes of Asturias are beautiful and great for hiking. There’re many options for all the levels, from beginners to experts hiking. When I was living here I went almost every weekend to the mountains and I discovered other part of Asturias, the natural paradise, the slow life, the traditional villages, the farming life, exploring many villages and trails. It was a great way to unwind after finishing a working week in Oviedo.

Hiking is like travelling, once you start doing it and enjoying it so much you can’t stop, always planning your next one.

Over the hundreds of hiking trails, I recommend the following ones, which I’ve done many times, all easy and not too long. They are located in different areas of the asturian region.

Top hiking trails in Asturias:


Somiedo area:

Somiedo is located in the southwest part of Asturias. It is the first listed National Park in Asturias, declared in 1988, and it’s also a Biosphere Reserve. The main town is Pola de Somiedo, where you can find the visitors centre and get all the information about what to do in Somiedo.

hiking trail - San Lorenzo - Somiedo
View from San Lorenzo Mountain pass – Asturias
  • 1  Alto de San Lorenzo to Braña de la Corra – This trekking route has beautiful views and it’s easy to walk, because it starts already at a big altitude at Puerto de San Lorenzo, 1350m, that we reach easily by car. The duration is about 2h30 return, 10.5 km. At the “braña” there’re some traditional cottages, called teitos, made with stone and vegetal roof. You could go further if you desire to Peña Negra, although it would be 4 hours return or even towards Torres town in Leon, but this will add 3 hours or so more to the route and it will be too much for a day excursion. It is part of the Roman trail “Camino Real de la Mesa” which was used by the romans to cross over to the region of Leon from Asturias.


  • 2  Valle del Lago – Lago del valle – the trail starts at the Valle de Lago mountain village and goes to the nice lake of the valley (lago del valle) It’s a comfortable walk, 12km, that will take you around 3 hours return, crossing a beech forest and meadows. The lake it’s in a glacier valley, surrounded by mountains, a beautiful place to rest before heading back. This route is ideal for autumn, when the valley turns to the stunning fall colours.


Ponga area:

Ponga is one of my favourite parts of Asturias, where I spent almost every weekend for about 2 years and I never got tired of it’s beauty and peace. It’s located on the “Cordillera Cantábrica” or Cantabrian Mountains. It’s also a Natural Park, full of nice forests and mountains.


  • 3  Les Bedules – Collado Granceno (10 km return) This is a classic trail, easy to access by car from Beleño to Les Bedules, where you can park the car and start the hike. The path is wide and mostly plain, because you have done most of the mountain climbing by car. The views of Picos de Europa skylines are stunning in a clear day. The total distance is 10 Km return to Collado Granceno, where you can contemplate the beautiful Peloño forest on the other side of the collado or mountain pass.


  • 4  Sobrefoz – La Ventaniella (17 km return) This is a nice and easy walk, most of it it’s a rural path, with stones, that goes up little by little until you arrive to the Ventaniella chapel and hermitage. On the left side of the hermitage you’ll find the way that will lead you quickly to the Ventaniella mountain pass. Landscapes are sublime and you might see some deers or other wild animals on the way, so keep your eyes wide open.


Redes area:

Redes is another great natural park, and it was declared by the UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve in the year 2001. It has a great variety of landscapes, from beautiful beech and oak forests to glacier valleys. Wildlife is also impressive, bears, wolfs, deer, chamois, otter…. The best moment to visit is when the stags are roaring, usually early September, and if you’re lucky you can see the deers very close.


  • 5  Ruta del Alba (14.2 Km return) – the trail runs parallel to the River Alba and it starts at the charming village of Soto de Agues. It takes around 4 hours, return and it’s an easy walk, the path is almost flat, so it’s recommended for all, even kids or beginners.


  • 6  Ruta de la Cascada del Taballón ( 12.5 km return) this is another nice walk, starting at Tarna village and heading up towards the Taballón waterfall, crossing some nice beech and oak forests. It takes about 4h15 return.

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Picos de Europa area:

  • 7  El Cares trail ( 22 km return) This is the most famous hiking trail in Asturias. Located in between Asturias and the region of Leon, the trail is stunning from start to end, with impressive views of the gorge. The starting point is the Village of Poncebos, at the Picos de Europa National Park. Because of the high altitude, is best to avoid wintertime, and summer is the best season to do it, although there might be plenty of people, it could be a little busy, especially at weekends.


Xanas Trail

Central Area:

  • 8  Las Xanas trail (7,4 km return) This is my favourite hike in Asturias, I’ve done it so many times that I’ve lost count….and I’ll keep doing it. It’s located close to Oviedo, near the village of Villanueva, and it can be done in half day, in around 3h15, which are great advantages. But it’s not only a convenient one, it’s also very beautiful and fulfilling. Not in vain it’s considered as the little sister of the Cares Hiking trail. It’s also a stunning gorge that offers great views all over the way. My little treat after finishing it is to walk to the nearby village of Pedroveya, to have a drink at the local bar, Casa Generosa, where they also serve delicious asturian food, before heading back on the same trail towards the car park.


Top 10 things to do in Asturias

Asturias is a Natural Paradise, located in northern Spain, the Green Spain, and is also my beloved region. As a local, I’d like to recommend you some of the best places to visit. Although this is not an easy task, because the whole region is beautiful and there’s a huge variety of things to do. We have mountains, lakes, beaches, picturesque villages, a great gastronomy and many cultural activities… no matter what interest you; you’ll find it in Asturias!

Asturias - Natural Park
Picos de Europa National Park


Top things to do:

Oviedo city – A good way to start your trip would be visiting the capital, the charming city of Oviedo. The city centre is easy to explore walking, the main street is the “Calle Uria” and it’s the commercial centre. Don’t miss out the incredible architecture; there are many historic buildings from different styles, from neoclassic to art deco or rationalism.

Oviedo - travel
Oviedo’s old town

The old town is also worth a visit, with cobbled streets full of lively bars and restaurants. The fine arts museum is free and located at the old part, near the Cathedral. More information at Oviedo Tourism

Monte Naranco – The best place to contemplate Oviedo from above it’s up into the Naranco Mountain. There’s a viewpoint at the top, where there’s a big Christ’s Sculpture, “El Sagrado Corazon de Jesus”. On the way to the top, you’ll find two pre-Romanesque treasures: Santa Maria del Naranco and San Miguel de Lillo.

Gijón – It’s the main coastal city with a nice beach promenade at “Playa de San Lorenzo” and another one, Poniente beach, where you can also find the Aquarium.

Gijon beach
San Lorenzo beach – Gijón

The beautiful marina is next to the old town, called “Cimadevilla” which is the old sailors village and it’s now full of restaurants and bars. If you prefer the culture, there are many museums to visit and even a Roman Bath.

Villaviciosa – It’s a typical and popular Asturian village, near the wonderful Rodiles sandy beach, ideal place for a walk or sunbathing. Tazones is a picturesque fisherman’s village that worth the detour, especially at lunch time, to eat at one of the restaurants some delicious food and really fresh fish and seafood.

Tazones - Asturias
Tazones – fisherman’s village

Hiking is one of the main activities in Asturias, great way to enjoy the stunning nature and landscapes, not in vain it’s called “Natural Paradise”. There’re options for all the levels, from beginners to advanced. I’d recommend the Xanas trail, in Santo Adriano, near Oviedo, because is easy to access and not too long, only 7,5 km, and also the views are spectacular. The most famous one is El Cares trail, in Picos the Europa National Park, although this one is longer, 21 km, therefore you need to be in better shape.


hiking - Asturias
El Cares trail


Basilica de Covadonga – This impressive Neo-romanesque sanctuary is located near Cangas de Onis and it’s made of pink limestone. Nearby you’ll find the breath taking and unmissable “Covadonga Lakes”.

Llanes – Located in the eastern coast of Asturias, it’s a famous and charming holiday place. There are many beautiful beaches to discover around this town: Toró Beach, Poo, Ballota….

Luanco – It’s another lovely coastal village to tour. It’s a beautiful fisherman’s village, with a recently renovated marina and two beaches. The maritime museum is also located here. Gastronomy is great, and there are many food festivals around the year. Continue the visit going to the nearby Peñas Cape, which has spectacular views of the sea, a nice lighthouse and a hiking trail.

Luanco - Asturias
Luanco beach


Pola de Somiedo – It’s a nice mountain village, located in the centre of the Cantabrian Mountains. At the visitors centre you can ask for more information about what to do there. This area is a green paradise ideal for hiking and it’s even more impressive when the autumn colours paint the valley. There’s also a eco-museum in Caunedo, where you can learn about history and local traditions.

Tapas y sidras – Gastronomy is excellent in Asturias, the variety of food is incredible; from great meet to fish or seafood. Land of sea and mountains and a total foodie’s paradise. The local cheeses are delicious too, more than 40 different cheeses are made in Asturias. Try one of the famous “sidrerias”, typical restaurant that offers the famous tapas to share and Sidra, the local cider.


Have you been in Asturias? What are your top recommended things to do? I’d love to hear it!

4 reasons why you should travel to Mexico

Tulum - Mexico


The 16th of September is Mexican Independence Day, a national bank holiday to celebrate the country’s freedom from Spanish rule. It commemorates the “Shout of Dolores” or shout of liberty made by Miguel Hidalgo in the village of Dolores in 1810, which started the revolt. There’re big parades, fireworks and music to celebrate this day. As my tribute to this wonderful country and people, I decided to write this post to encourage more people to travel to Mexico and to discover this amazing country and culture.

Mexicans are really proud of their country, and they should because they have a great cultural heritage, amazing landscapes and a rich gastronomy. I am grateful that I have great Mexican friends, and I’ve been lucky to travel there twice. I’m completely in love with the country and I’ll share the reasons why as well as the reasons why you should visit Mexico.

1. Beautiful Beaches – Yes, all those images of white sand beaches and turquoise waters are for real…. a natural paradise! Mexico has a huge variety of beaches: Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Maya… If you go to the Cancun area, don’t forget to pay a visit to the beautiful beach and town of Playa del Carmen, and explore some of the nearby beaches of Tulum and Cozumel. There’s more to experience than the all inclusive beach resorts. It’s fine if you dream of a relaxing holiday of beach and sun, but please don’t miss out all the interesting things that you can also do in Mexico. At the end of the day if you only stay at your hotel you could have been in any place, missing all the Mexican treasures that you have nearby.


Cancun beach - mexico
Cancun beach


2. Stunning Landscapes – Nature in Mexico is exuberant… you can explore one of the gorgeous 66 National Parks such as: National Park Cumbres de Majalca, Cañon del Sumidero, Puerto de Morelos Reef….or enjoy a swim in one of the impressive Cenotes, or sinkholes resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath. Some of the best ones are: Gran Cenote, Jardin del Eden and Cenote Dos Ojos.


3. Cultural heritage and historical sites – With so many different cultures and civilisations, like the Mayas or Aztecas, who lived here and make up the actual country, there’s n o doubt that Mexico is a country with a rich and fascinating history to explore.

There’re plenty of museums where you can learn more about their history, specially in the Capital, Mexico City, which hosts over 150 museums! A museum-lover’s paradise! I highly recommend to visit the National Museum of Anthropology, an impressive building itself where you can admire astonishing displays about all the past civilizations and it’s both the largest and most visited museum in the country. Amongst the numerous historical sites, I’d highlight the Pre-Hispanic City of Chichen-Itza, located in the Yukatan Peninsule, one of the most important examples of the Mayan-Toltec civilisation, and the archaeological complex of Teotihuacan, near Mexico City, a stunning Unesco World heritage site, where you can explore the temples and Pyramids, built in the 300 BC.


Teotihuacan – Sun Pyramid


4. Gastronomy – Mexican cuisine is extraordinary, but it’s not only my opinion… In 2010, traditional Mexican cuisine was added to UNESCO’s world’s intangible heritage list. The basic Mexican ingredients are: corn, beans and chili pepper. Flavours and colours are mixed to create delicate recipes such as Pozole, traditional soup, Tacos al Pastor, these are my favourite ones, made with pork, Enchiladas, Tortillas, Tacos, Tamales…all of them are delicious dishes, but the list and variety is endless.


There’s much more to see and to experience in Mexico…so get ready to explore and enjoy the Mexican way of life, you won’t be disappointed! I’m already looking forward to go back again!

Viva Mexico!


4 days in San Francisco – top things to do


West US has been on my bucket list for many years, and finally I got the opportunity to visit…I was so excited! The dream came true because I attended a conference in Vegas and I decided to extend my US trip with a road trip from Vegas to San Francisco (it was just  an amazing experience, 3 days of road trip with scenic views, especially Yosemite ) and then I explored “the city by the Bay” in 4 days.


It’s a vibrant city, with it’s own personality and character on every single neighbourhood. I loved the mix of the downtown’s new tall buildings and the old and pretty Victorian houses. It’s also becoming a Tech Hub. Not only because most of the Silicon Valley’s tech workers are living in San Fran, but also because many start ups are establishing their headquarters there, specially on the SOMA district (South Of Market) that is becoming a trendy and hype area.

painted ladies_San Francisco

My top 10 recommended things to do in San Francisco:


1.Painted Ladies: This was the first thing that I wanted to see in San Fran, and the view didn’t disappointed me. Located in Alamo Square, Steiner Street, the row of charming Victorian houses, dating from 1890’s, is stunning with the skyscrapers on the second plane, that outlines the contrast and mix between old and modern that I mentioned before.


2.Golden Gate Park: Within a easy walking distance you can reach the Golden Gate Park, a paradise for nature and culture lovers. A greenery of 4.1 km², created in 1870 and bigger that New York’s Central Park. Perfect for a day out, combining nature and sports or culture. Ideal place for picnics, bike riding or simply walking around. Many museums are located here, as well as the little gem not to be missed, the Japanese Tea Garden, exquisite garden to wander around and relax.


Japanese Tea Garden
Japanese Tea Garden


3.De Young Museum : located on the Golden Gate Park, hosts an impressive collection of American art from the 17th through the 20th centuries, Textile arts, and art of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas…Take your time and enjoy the beautiful art works. My favourite part was the modern realist painter’s section, stunning paints, specially those from the brilliant David Ligare…stunning work.

De Young Museum

4.Sausalito : There’s many ways to get to Sausalito, but I do recommend the short ferry trip from San francisco, not expensive and really enjoyable. Explore the waterfront, ideal place to have some drinks outdoors. This beautiful city offers the best Golden Gate Bridge views, you can even rent a bike and explore it and cross the famous Bridge back to SF. Just be aware that it could be windy, especially when crossing the bridge, so be prepared. 


5.Alcatraz Island : is one of the city’s most popular attractions, the former prison where famous people were incarcerated in Alcatraz such as  Al Capone. You will discover more about the history and the life conditions there. More info: 


6.Fisherman’s wharf : the waterfront of San Fran, it’s a must visit area although very touristy and busy. Nice place to spend 2 or 3 hours exploring or eating on some of the fish restaurants. The best part is the Pier 39, where there’s a community of sea lions settled there since 1990! There’s also a  with many shops and restaurants, where you can try the typical “Sourdough Bread Bowl”.

Pier39_San Francisco
Pier 39

7.Local Restaurants : Gastronomy is also a fundamental part of the travelling experience, and tasting local flavours is a great pleasure, discovering more about the city through the culinary experience. I have tried several local restaurants and I highly recommend Michael Mina, for a treat at with a michelin starred dinner, San Francisco has 23 Michelin starred restaurants and Pier Market restaurant, at the Pier 39 for the delicious and fresh fish dishes and R&G Lounge for great Chinese food.


Michael Mina_restaurant
Michael Mina Restaurant

8.Chinatown : centrally located and another must visit place. It’s the largest Chinatown outside of Asia, where you can find out more about Chinese culture, enjoy the gastronomy or shopping time.


9.Union Square : a beautiful square, located at the heart of the downtown. Discover the modern part of the city, where you can find many shops and restaurants. The theatre district is just on the surrounding blocks.
10.Lombard street : This is one of the most picturesque streets of San Francisco. Although the city is in general very hilly, there’s no other one like this curvy and charismatic street. It’s worth the visit! 

What would you recommend to do in San Francisco?

Paris in summer time – Best outdoor activities

Cathedral Notre Dame Paris

Summer time is a great time to come and visit “Paname”, slang name for Paris, named after the popular “Panama” hats that were trending on the XX century.

The best thing about summer time is that is a very calm period, most Parisians are on holidays and as a result roads and common transports are less crowded, as well as restaurants and museums and the city has an atmosphere more relaxed.

Summer is about enjoying outdoors, so along with the typical visits, Montmartre, Champs Elysees, Musee du Louvre….etc….I highly recommend to try some other activities to take advantage of the warm weather.

Paris Summer trip – Things to do

I believe that all the trips to Paris should start near the river Seine, there’s a really nice promenade along the river. Just choose your preferred starting point: Pont Marie, Châtelet or Alma Marceau are the best tube stations to go for a river walk over the “Rive Droite” and Invalides, Saint Michel or Champs de Mars/Tour Eiffel are the best tube stations if you prefer to walk over the “Rive Gauche”

Paris - Pont - Seine river

Paris summer festivals – check out the festivals that are happening in Paris, I always check Time Out Paris and A nous Paris, this one is in French, but the browser offers the possibility of translating it in different languages. My favourite one is Paris Plages, where you can enjoy beach time and music or picnics with friends either near the city town hall, at the seine docks or up north at the “Canal the Ourq”. This second one is lessen known and you’ll find youngest people and an atmosphere more festive.

Paris outdoor cinema – Park of La Villete, films are free to watch, the gardens are quite big and you can also visit the museum of the musique.

Another place that you should not miss is the Luxembourg Park, always full of life, here you can admire the “Palais de Luxembourg” as well as visit the temporary exhibitions at the “Luxembourg Museum

Luxembourg Park - Paris

Bercy is also a great place to visit on summer. There’s a nice park and many restaurants and small shops at the “Bercy Village”, an old winery, full of charm, reconverted in a leisure place.

Marche des Puces , in St Ouen, it’s the most famous flea market in Paris. Located in the north of paris, here you could spend easily 2 or 3 hours.

The list goes on, but these are my preferred summer activities in Paris. What are yours? Just plan your trip and discover it!

Top things to do in Malaga

Malaga is well known for holidaymakers, it is a sunny paradise that is also outstanding for its culture and gastronomy. The capital city of this Spanish region is Malaga city, which hosted many different civilizations, from Phoenicians to romans and Moors, a cultural melting pot with many places to discover. So bring your most comfortable shoes and get ready to explore this amazing region. I’ve been in Malaga many times, and I’ve always left thinking about what I’m going to visit there next time.


My recommended top ten things to do there are:

  • Picasso Museum. Probably the biggest artist born in Malaga, Pablo Picasso, creator of cubism and a prolific artist. The building itself is also magnificent, the ideal place to host Picasso’s works. Check the museum website for more info.

plaza malaga

  • Alcazaba, Moorish Palace, built between the 11th and 13th century and the Gibralfaro Castle, with stunning views, great place to watch the sunset .


  • Larios street, named after the Marquis of Larios, perfect place for shopping in the old city, or simply relaxing in one of the multiple nice terrace coffee shops, where you can try the typical “pulguitas” (small sandwich with local ingredients)


  • Don’t miss the iconic Taberna el Pimpi, bodega bar with a long tradition and delicious “tapas” served along with great wines. The bar itself is worth the visit, it’s an old traditional house, decorated in detail.

pimpi bar in malaga

  • Marbella, located less that one hour from Malaga city. To know what to do here you can read this article.



  • Torremolinos “Chiringuitos”, beach bars, perfect place to unwind and have fun.


  • Ronda, impressive city, up in the mountains with spectacular views and history. You’ll find more reasons to visit Ronda in this video from Rick Steves.


  • Caminito del rey, hiking trail reopened again recently, it’s on my list of pending things to to in Malaga!


  • Beautiful beaches and weather: there’s plenty of beaches in Malaga, Benalmadena, Marbella…you just have to pick your favourite one and enjoy.

Glamour and sun in Marbella

Marbella beach hotel

Famous sun destination in the south of Spain, Marbella has all the elements for a perfect beach holiday. Many Spanish celebrities enjoy summer breaks in Marbella, such as Antonio Banderas, who owns a house there. They love to enjoy Marbella’s life, because there are plenty of events as well as the ideal weather to enjoy outdoors activities: Golf, seafront walks, sun bathing, swimming, alfresco dining and a great nightlife.

Marbella beach hotel
Waterfront beach hotel

The perfect place for people watching or celebrities spotting is Puerto Banus, along with all the luxurious life style: yachts, sports cars, fashionable clothes… make sure that you spend at least an afternoon here if you are curious about the jet set’s life style.


If you feel like treating yourself, you can enjoy a glamorous weekend in Marbella, staying at one of its luxurious 5 stars hotels, like “Gran Melia Don Pepe”, right in the city centre, shore front with amazing views and an easy walk to the “old town” or the “Don Carlos”, which is a few miles away the city centre, ideal for those seeking for a calmer place to stay in style and it’s also home of the exclusive beach bar, “Nikki Beach”.


Don’t worry if you are not interested in celebrities…Marbella has plenty of other things to offer. The beach is one of the preferred tourist attractions, the main one is called “la Venus beach” and has a beautiful promenade. The “old town” is really pretty, with its cobbled white streets, where you will discover the real “essence of the city”. It’s the ideal place to wander around while shopping or looking for a nice restaurant to enjoy local flavours and “tapas”.

beach in Marbella
La Venus Beach in Marbella


Marbella has a great gastronomy, don’t miss out the fish dishes, really fresh and tasty: “Lubina a la sal” (gilt-head baked in salt sea bass), “Dorada al horno” (Baked Bream), “espetos de sardinas” (sardines cooked on skewers over a wood barbeque)… and don’t forget to try one of the “chiringitos” or beach front pop-ups restaurants, enjoying your fresh meal with sea view… priceless…My favourite one is the Fuerte Hotel Chiringuito, great food and nice setting.


Wondering when is the best time to go? Summer months are usually crowded, so if you prefer to avoid the busy period I’d rather recommend you to go in May or June, or even September or October, when temperatures are still warm and you’ll enjoy a more quiet and less expensive holiday in this glamorous destination.

PARIS – Top 10 things to do

torre eiffel nuit

Paris – Recommended Top 10 activities and visits

Paris is an incredible destination, is one of the most visited cities in the world…and let me told you something, it worth the visit!

“La ville des lumières” has plenty of interesting things to do…I had the pleasure of living there for four years, and even if I’ve tried to visit most of the city, there’s some places that I still haven’t had the time to discover…but I will someday, I love this city and I go back as often as I can make it ! Paris is addictive !

Every “arrondisement” or neighbourhood has its own personality and charm, wandering around is a real pleasure, the architecture is impressive, so many different styles it’s like visiting many cities in one, what makes sense because most of the neighbourhoods where towns in the past, which where absorbed by the fast growing pace of Paris.

My recommended Top 10 activities and places to visit are the following:

1. Eiffel Tower. This is one of the Parisian symbols, not to be missed. You can go just to visit the Tower and watch it from the riverside or the “Champ de Mars” gardens. Another option is to go up to see Paris from above.The views are incredible and the best time to do that is by night, to enjoy the lights of Paris.

My Tip : If you plan to go up to the tower buy the tickets in advance online, to avoid the long queue if you buy it the same day there.

2. River Cruise. Visiting Paris by boat you will enjoy an special view of the city, and its historical buildings and bridges : Louvre, Pont des Arts, Notre Dame, Pont Alexandre III, Musée d’Orsay…
Some recommended companies that offer this service are : Bateaux Mouches, Bateaux Parisiens and Vedettes du pont Neuf.

My Tip : I recommend to do this trip during the day and if you are planning something more romantic you can book a dinner night cruise, it’s a nice atmosphere

3.île de la cité and Notre Dame de Paris, Cathedral.
Situated in the heart of Paris, this little and charming island in the city centre, surrounded by the “Seine river”. Here you can visit the Cathedral, a Gothic masterpiece on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

My Tip : Try the traditional Berthillon glace at the ile de la cité. It’s a classic.

4.Louvre Museum and Tuilleries gardens. The best museum to visit in Paris if you have to choose only one to visit. Allow at least half day to spend in this gorgeous museum.

My tip : Buy the tickets online in advance in order to avoid the long queue. There’s another entry at the carrousel du louvre that is usually faster. The first Sunday of each month all the Parisian museums are free.

5.Champs Elysées and Triumph Arch. This is the shopping paradise for excellence, indeed many luxury shops closes at 9.00pm even on Sundays.

MyTip : Try the famous « Macaron » or other tasty sweets at Ladurée

6.Montmatre, the « Mount of Martirs » Picturesque neighbourhood, where you can visit the church «  Sacré Coeur » and the « place du Tertre » that is full of artist and painters.

My tip : The Moulin Rouge show is highly recommended. You have the possibility of having dinner there or just watch the french cabaret spectacle with a glass of champagne.

More info :

7.Latin neighbourhood. Saint Germain des Près is one of the nicest areas of Paris, full of shops, bars and restaurants. The Pantheon is in this area, near the magnificent Luxembourg park. Don’t forget to visit the mythical Mouffetard street, the oldest part in Paris, one of the liveliest market streets with hundreds of restaurants.

My Tip : go to the Contrescarpe square to have a drink in one of the cosy terraced bars.

8.Canal Saint Martin– Nice place to hang around, visiting shops and trendy bars, like « chez prune »

My tip : If you go on spring or summer you can join the locals that come to the canal bank for drinks and picnic !

9.Bastille and Marais. Historical place for the French revolution, there’s a commemorative monument in the middle of the Bastille square, a big column topped by the « Spirit of Liberty » statue. The Marais is a hype neighbourhood with nice shops, bars and restaurants. It’s also here at the Marais where the main gay nightlife is concentrated.

My tip : Visit the wonderful « place de Vosgues », the oldest planned square in Paris, located in the heart of the Marais.

10.La Villette. Music Museum, Concert venue and a nice and big park to walk around.

My tip: Go to one of the free film sessions at the Outdoor Cinema in the summer time, bring friends and enjoy a nice picnic and film night out.

Soon…the first post will arrive!

I’ve been thinking about my first post and finally I decided to write about one city that is part of my heart: Paris.

I lived in this magical city for four years, from 2008 to 2012, and I loved this experience.

Paris - Town Hall
Paris – Town Hall

I have many good friends, and I was lucky to have time to visit most of the museums and neighbourhoods. Everyday I wandered through some new or special place. It’s impossible to know all the corners, Paris has always something new for you to discover. 

If you are planning to go to Paris, go ahead…you’ll never regret it, it’s an amazing and beautiful city.